Acoustic Drum Kits

Drums are one of the most popular instruments in the world and a vital piece of musical history. Click here for all brands. Drum kits come in a variety of sizes, with cymbals, accessories and hardware. Drum kits are available as acoustic or electronic, buy with a free two-year warranty at Gear4music!

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Acoustic Drum Kit Information

How do kits differ in sound?

Rock and fusion drum sets differ in sound and whether a drummer decides to use one or the other kits is often down to a matter of preference.

Rock kits tend to create a more booming sound, while fusion sets - which evolved from jazz fusion - are considered to have a brighter resonance. The types of wood used in each drum kit is often a key factor, with fusion strongly associated with birch and rock drum kits more closely identified with maple or poplar.

Other things to consider when buying a drum kit

While some drum kits come with cymbals, these are often bought separately and some professionals use upwards of half a dozen in order to be able to create the kinds of sounds that they want.

A full WHD Pro Complete Cymbal Pack containing 14-inch hi-hats, a 20-inch ride cymbal, and an 16-inch crash cymbal is available to provide the complete complement of cymbals for your drum kit.

While drum kits have a reputation for being loud, it is possible to lessen the sound they make significantly in order to practice quietly through the use of drum kit silencing pads. The Drum Kit Silencing Pad Set, for example, can reduce the noise of a drum kit by up to 90 per cent. It contains a bass pad, a 16-inch plus cymbal pad, a 14-inch hit hat pad, a 14-inch snare pad and 12-inch, 13-inch and 16-inch tom pads.

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