Preamps are used to connect microphones, instruments and more to your recording equipment. Amplifying low level signals to line levels, preamps are an essential component to your studio setup. With a dedicated external preamp, you can expect premium sound quality with more gain. The variety of mic preamp designs offer special sounds such as tube and vintage tones - only available in external preamps.

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About Microphone Pre-Amps

Mic Pre-amps boost the gain from a "mic level" signal and can add character and warmth.

Incorporating an ADC into the traditional design, the Audient ASP800 8-Channel Pre is another great option for pristine audio conversion along with a great sounding mic pre all in one package. Alternatively, browse Audient's full range of Mic Pres.

For the more serious studio environment at home or professionally we have a range of dual, quad and 8 channel preamps available from leading manufacturers such as Warm Audio and Universal Audio.

Microphone Pre-Amp News

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22 Mar 2012 13:13

NAMM 2010: Focusrite Octopre MKII Dynamic Mic Preamp

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