DISC sE Electronics Portable Studio Recording Pack

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  • Complete Home Studio Recording Pack
  • Ultra Portable for the Musician on the Go
  • Focusrite 2i2
  • sE Electronic x1 Vocal Pack
  • Reflection Filter, Mic Stand and Cable

DISC sE Electronics Portable Studio Recording Pack

This package is designed for the musician who wants to be able to produce their own demos in the comfort of their own home. The interface included is a Focusrite 2i2 and is ideal for connecting microphones, instruments and external inputs. The pre amps are extremely clean and allow for a true clean recorded signal. To compliment the interface we have also included an sE Electronics X1 Studio Pack. The X1 features a gold sputtered capsule which has been hand built by skill full technicians for better quality and a more precise recording. This also includes a reflection filter, pop shield, stand and cable.

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Focusrite 2i2

Quality Preamp

Having designed some of the most popular microphone preamps in the industry, Focusrite give you the transparent, low-noise and low-distortion preamp found not only in the Scarlett 2i2 but also their flagship Firewire interface, the Liquid Saffire 56. There's plenty of available headroom, which makes it suitable for moving coil, condenser and ribbon microphones regardless of the source. Phantom power is provided for mics that need it.

Front Panel Neutrik Combination Input

The front panel Neutrik combination input can be used to connect line and instrument level signals as well as microphones. This makes it perfect for recording the output of a synthesiser or stage piano, whilst at the flick of a switch you can cater for the output of an electric or acoustic guitar.

Unique Halo Signal Indicators

The Scarlett 2i2 features unique halo signal indicators which inform you that you've got a good signal level for recording. Red means that your signal is clipping, and that you should reduce the gain. The halo will momentarily turn amber as the level returns to a healthy level, at which point it will turn green.

Great Monitoring Capabilities

Get tactile control for the volume of your speakers with the large monitor dial. A high quality headphone amp provides a clean yet loud signal to headphones connected to the front panel socket. The direct monitor switch routes audio directly from the inputs to both the headphone and speaker outputs, allowing you to monitor the incoming signal with zero-latency.

sE Electronics X1

The sE Electronics vocal pack includes:

  • sE X1 Condenser Microphone
  • Metal Pop Filter
  • Shock Mount
  • 3m Microphone Cable

Designed to give excellent results for both male and female vocals, as well as acoustic instruments, the sE X1 Condenser Microphone has a 10dB pad and low cut bass filter, made from a hand-built capsule finished with noise-dampening black paint offering excellent sensitivity and extremely low noise levels.

A crucial part of recording vocals, the sE Metal Pop Filter redirects any ultra-low frequency blasts leaving your vocal performance unaffected and without and low frequency 'pop' noises. Made from metal, the Filter is louvered at a slight angle and is extremely durable and easy to clean.

The pack also contains a Shock Mount to fit the sE Electronics X1 Mic and Mic Cable 3 metres in length.

sE Electronics RF-X Reflection Filter

The Reflexion X is an acoustic treatment device that protects the quality of your recordings and protects against unwanted audio ambience. Their patented design for the RF-X is now used in professional studios worldwide.

The RF-X is a more affordable and portable version of sE's industry standard RF-Pro. The lightweight body and clamp assembly means the booth is simple and easy to use. The four layer acoustic filter comprises of a outer panel, wool fabric layer, air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam. This unique design ensures that your recordings will exhibit close to zero sound colouration.

The RF-X's clamp means the booth can be vertically mounted on any microphone stand making it the perfect choice for vocal recording

Also Included

Microphone Stand, Microphone Cable
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